Sunday, November 1, 2009

ask annmarie: boy advice

i really like this guy, & i just would like to know how to get his attention.
we used to be best friends,
then last year we kinda grew apart
& now i want to get back to that best friendship,
& maybe something more...
thanks :] <3 xxoo

im not sure how good i will be at giving you this advice cause im sorta in the same situation.. my best guy friend, we were really really close. like spend every minute together close and than this year we sorta grew apart.
like i asked him if im still his best friend and he said yeah but its just not the way it used to be...
im still on his top on myspace and stuff too.
the only difference is i dont have any feelings for him.
i just want to get back to being friends..
what i would do is, if you have a phone text him
facebook? post something on his wall
myspace, comment on his profile.
with something along these line.
"hey havent talked to you in a while, whats up?"
so that will give him two ways to strike up a conversation.
talk through cyber space or the texting world untill you guys really get into conversations.
on im or aim or whatever
when you see he is online..
wait for a couple of minutes
than send "hey"
after a while
when you see him online wait for him to message you first..
when you guys get comftorable talking to eachother online
talk to him face to face, it will make things wayyy easier

best of luck,

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