Monday, November 2, 2009

this one's for Jiammin; girly charcoal pencil skirt

So Jiamin wanted something to go with a charcoal pencil skirt (sorry couldnt find a darker grayyyy..)

so these first three sets of outfits are a little bit more mature, and super girlyyyyy..
not sure how "girly and dressed up you wanted to go..
but from what i know, you'll go pretty dressed up ;]
so for me.. when i wear a pencil skirt, my shirt is always tucked in.. and i LOVE wearing frilly things with it..

outfit uno:
was a ruffly silk blouse that i really liked tucked into the pencil skirt
i paired it with a pair of converse to toughen it up a little

outfit twoooo:
was a lacy top with much going on at the top,
again to toughen it up i paired it with a nice studded peep toe ankle boot

outfit san:
is a little different from the two..
its a lacy white tank top tucked in and than a draped cardigan over it.
you can go with a long cardigan too..
than i went with a jeweled flat, although you dont have to.. HHAHAH

for all of the above.. i went with no accessories since nothing much is going on..

these next couple of outfits are more fun, and a little more casual and cute
outfit one: is great for the holidaysss.. anything black with gold and pearls will look fab
the red shoes are a must for me.. but its up to you...

outfit two: is super casual
just a plain purple (or any color) top
a bow in your hair and some really cute flatsss

outfit tres: is special for those chillier days for tights and to brighten your dayy yellowww [:
the slouchy ankle boots go really well with tights..

well i hope this helps jiamin.



Jiamin said...

oh thanks ann! it totally gave me ideas of how to ear a pencil skirt! thanks!

Jiamin said...

geez typos...