Monday, November 9, 2009

my favorite hair trends for fall/early winter09

trend: crisp waves

for girls with naturally wavy hair; go through with a 3/4 inch barrel iron or a flat iron and curl random pieces

straight hair; braid hair at night spray in some sea salt spray, than do the above step in the morning ^^

trend: "wind blown" straight hair
for all types; straighten hair.. than mist with sea salt spray and hairspray, use a scrunching motion to get it thoroughlyy

trend: high fashion bun
for all hair types; put mouse through hair than gather in high ponytail, twist into bun.. secure with rubber band

trend: half up; curved under
all hair types; flat iron hair and curl under at ends, place thumbs above ear and gather to back, secure.

trend: french braids

all hair types; split down center french braid..

hope you all our having a wonderful hair day,

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