Thursday, October 15, 2009

where i get my fashion inspiration..

So everyones gotta have inspiration right? My style is not one of those roll out of bed close your eyes and pick something to wear in the dark and hope it looks good.. no. No, not really.. hahah I actually like to get inspired and stuff and stuff.. hahaha. So I'm going to show you a couple of places I get my inspirations from. I dont actually wear exactly what it shows you to wear and it does not look exactly like what it looks like, i put my own twist to it ;] on the shop by outfit linky thing... (click on the url thingy it will bring you right there) So i like using this because I can see what looks good and just get a feel for what to wear with what.. When you click on the outfit you can really see what is in the outfit.. if you know what i mean. is an asian fashion based online store but when you click on a picture there are like a million other pictures for asian inspired outfits and hair [:
no.. i dont claim to look like a celeb but i love to dress like a celeb.. when looking for what i celeb recently wore or something this is the best place to get it alll in one place.. another great place would be googling "demi style" or "miley style" or "selena style" and there are really cool sites [:

allure and both have really cute more mature styles in their style columns and have really cute hair ideas too..

seventeen and teen vogue magazine; are the two magazines i read and are subscribed to. I look at them constantly every month and i devour every page.. they have the best styles for teens.

I hope this helped you a little..


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