Monday, October 12, 2009

questions from mikkaylann12 (<--- speilling.. haha)

question one
Do you have any fancyer typ dresses for like dances or holiday parties

i saw in the one outfit you wore leggings
-yes, i do i actually have a lot of them.. but yeah, you know [:
and i ballroom dance so i have a lot fo those
i'll post some recent pics on my blog later

question 2 is
DO you like leggings or tights better

i think tights are more formal

-honestly? i hate tights... not a huge fan of leggings but i wear them

question 3

can you make a video in a fancyer dress with the right color tights and dress shoes and do like a good ediquet video

-no... :P

question 4

is that your natural hair or do you have extensions

- like as in, am i bald? no
is it my length yes.... its been growing since i made my first video..
or my streak? i dyed it

question 5

how do you put in extenstions
-hmmm.... what kind of extensions?

i have more questions afteryou answer these
-ask away i like answering questions {:

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you can call me Alison!

I have some questions for you, Annmarie!

1. What hair straightener do you use NOW? Your hair now looks straighter in your vids.

2. What age did you start straightening your hair?

3. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Thanks, and I love your videos!!!!

Best of Luck,