Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wishlist:: spring

ok yes i write out my wish list in my spare time.. like in class i'll be sitting there and be like oh my gosh i want that and i've never thought that i would share these things cause i write a lot and well yeah; i dont copy my journal into my blog lol. Anyways my best friends; Alli, Alia, Taylor and I aare on a "girls day out" hahahahaa. We're going for dum sum (yumm), thann the mall, movies, and than get our nails done (:
so anyways, my wishlist;
♥ victoria secrets lip gloss
♥ liplicious lip gloss - bath & body works (my favorite)
♥ tins of lip gloss; sheer and glitter- the body shop
♥ ruffly blouse& tank
♥ purple bikini
♥ floral short sleeve sundress
♥ tiered skirt
♥ jeweled sandals (gladiators)
♥ moccasins flats
♥ long strands of pearl necklaces
♥ stretchy cotton scarf
♥ long chain necklaces
♥ Japanese cherry blossom body slash or perfume

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