Sunday, March 8, 2009

solo and ensemble 3.7.09

what a grand day yesterday (:
i went through my first solo and ensemble contest, and it was a nerve racking experience...
i think i could've done better and i wish i had had the time to breathe. lol. i get my scores tomorrow i hope i did ok.. sing i changed my songs two weeks before the contest (yikes) and yeahh...
but my best friend: katitlyn marie worthley i love her to death, agreed to come over at 8am to go to solo and ensemble with me.. i would have never done that.. but i will next time. lol
coat of mascara; heavy black eyeliner (to enchance eys when playing from far away)
what i wore: black flared capris pants, pink lace tank, and white button up and down shirt (that what i call them)

i <3Photobucket Photobucket
oh and my little sissy too


applecider918 said...

I bet you did great!

Solo and ensemble judges are really nice..

I didn't know you played the clarinet! Did you play an ensemble too?

applecider918 said...

I play the flute. We didn't do so good on our ensemble though, and it was my first time this year.. =[