Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i've been tagged by Giling
(thanks Giling, this is an honor)

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7 things i love
1. My Parents: mommy and daddy (mom- fashion, dad- techie)

2. My Baby Sister: Abby... not a baby anymore

3. My Bestest Friends: Alli, Sean, Alia, Kaitlyn, and lots more

4. Hair Appliances: flat iron and curling iron <3 align="center">----------------------------------------------------------------------------


AWARDED/tagged by: applecider918 && Giling

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10 things about AnnMarie <33

1. im addicted to lip gloss and earrings, hahah my room, purses, totes, cases, locker, are all full of them

2. i've gone out with 13 guys in the last 2 years and im not proud of it

3. i wear converse with my dresses

4. i teach piano to my little cousin and get payed $20 per lesson

5. hah i took an IQ test online and my IQ was 67.... i dont think it was correct

6. i eat way too much

7. im a complete nerd but at the same time people say im dunb

8. my favorite food is pasta

9. in my opinion my toes look weird

10. twilight fan

I tag
: // dulce //bella // mary // kandee// applecider918 // teresa

oh and im sorry if you have already been tagged... if you have just ignore this. you dont have to do it again if you dont want to.

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applecider918 said...

Thanks for tagging me =]
I'll get around to it I'm sure.. but I'm really lazy about posting...