Friday, March 6, 2009

all natural and sunny girl

yeah, i've alwats been known as the shy, bubbly, sunny, natural girl (not bragging.) but yeah, its rather interesting and im starting to get what they mean..
i love the sun
mhmm.. and it was really sunny in oregon today (which isnt normal in the winter) but its almost spring and im uber happy(: cause it means more sun!! yay!

have a grand day(:
-ann marie


applecider918 said...

You look so cute in your dress!
I remember Oregon being so cold and wet... but at least it wasn't humid in the summer. =]

good luck on your solo tomorrow~!

*Yvonne* said...

u look adorable in that dress
opposites attract
and what i mean by that is that i prefer cold weather. i know i am CRAZY
i just dont like showing skin and stuff.