Saturday, February 7, 2009

sample sale, hair, and update (: 2.7.09

hello ladies, (guys? idk)
so today i went to a sample sale with my mom, which is really cool, actually it was for like accessories not clothing... i've never been to a clothing sample sale :( hahah and i can tell you i splurge on accessories i really do. lol
so ima gonna show you what i got... oh i actually got alot more than what is in the pictures, but i suck at fashion photography, so i took out all the crappy pictures. lol
(im in love with this next necklace)
oh and i got a couple of scarfs too (super cute) ah im in love ;)
-ann marie <3
(p.s. i dont know if i will post b4 v-day so
happy v-day )

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