Saturday, February 28, 2009

day trippp woot woot ;) update; 2/28/09

hi ladies,
so today i went to washington with my mom and sister for like an hour, since we live in good old oregon, we can drive to washington in 45 minutes.
we went to beacock music there and its amazing; i chipped my clarinet mouthpiece so we went to get a new one (good place) and also i wanted a level up, so yeah....


thann thann;; as i mentioned before my mommy is a hairstylist and so we went to the salon afterward to cut: aunt
cousin connie
cousin connie's boyfriend
and little cousin tyler's hair

&& than i came back to OR and my aunt bought me some skinny jeans
hooray for $10 skinny jeans at JCpenny

what she wears: ann


^ a bit boring,, but oh well ;)

i needed comfort today

-ann marie <3

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*Yvonne* said...

i need more jeans
now i wanna go to the mall
oh and ross has awesomely priced skinny jeans too
skinny jeans and mini skirts: thats all i wear now