Sunday, December 28, 2008

shopping 12/27/08

i went shopping with my bestie bella yesterday....yup washington square mall
im proud i didnt buy the whole place....
k so....


i got... two new pairs of earrings from for love 21 gosh i love/hate that place
love: lots of cheap accessories (both earrins 1.99 each)
hate: make me but a whole lot of stuffa ;]

and than bella got me this..
it was like $3.80

yup so thats that store

and than we went to claires (they gave me and icings bag) i saw bunch of xmas earrings that were like $1 but i didnt get any cause i got three last year. lol
^they look like that (kinda)

and than they had this big wall of 2 for $5 gifts
i got....
this for my best friends girlfriend (dont worry sean is a guy)
its a charm bracelet

and this for me

its a changabale necklace and earring set

yup so thats all....proud???

ann marie <3

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