Tuesday, December 23, 2008

make up

Make Up

natural lips


smear a natural looking lipstick on your hand and use your fingers to dab it on to create a natural look.

ok...so i've tried this look with a couple of different lip sticks and i realized that sometimes its easier to use a lip brush.

also. you might want to apply a lip balm on before or after the lip stick.

hot lips


ok....maybe you don't like the natural looking lips. But I got something for you. Use a bright red lip stick or lip gloss to stand out from the crowd. Apply straight from the tube.

Stunning eye shadow.


so....you've heard me talk about the bright eyes in the this fall...page. Ya so this will make you stand out. Sweep a bright purple, blue, or gold eyeshadow over your eyelid. If you prefer you can just sweep it over your crease or if you want something even bolder sweep it up to your eye brows!

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