Tuesday, December 30, 2008

beret-& angel look tutorial

good afternoon peoples,,
uh so i did this look yesterday with a beanie instead of the beret. I got this beret yesterday when i went shopping with my aunt and uncle at Target (it was on clearance for $3.49 so i bought two) ahhahaha so im wearing the white one today and so what i did was
1. put hair in ponytail, than tied it up.
2. pulled random strands of hair out from the pony
3. put the beret on over the pony
4. than i curled they strands with a 3/4 barrel curling iron in spirals
5. voila :)
(spiral curls ^)

than now the angel look... its almost natural and brightens your face up :)
k so my mommy is a professional beautician and gave me a big box of make up, its kinda old because she uses it alot but not too old but some of the names are coming off.
so i used Aveda blush in #12 rose
eyeshadow in #30 sandlawood
(sandalwood is the one on top [the lighter one, that has a dip in it])

i used and AVON blush brush my mom gave me (i dont really like it...)

and i applied my blush in a c from my cheekbone up to above my eyebrow (a little) and i blended in a circular motion

did that on both sides

and than my eyes...i couldnt find my shimmer so i skipped that but you can use that

(AVON eyeshadow brush)

and i applied sandalwood all over my eye and right below my eyebrow

yupp so


David said...

u seem pretty into fashion...
how can u keep putting on makeup with out getting acne.lol
i put some blush on and the next day it itches and i got a zit
well of course i wash my face first

David said...

oh by the way this is yvonne
my brother used his name on my email address. lol